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Managed SIEM Services | Norman, OK

TRUE’s own US-based Security Operations Center delivers expertise and peace of mind around the clock.

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Protecting a Connected World

Develop a holistic view of your security events, identify threats and ensure a risk-prioritized approach with this fully tailored security information and event management (SIEM) solution.



We specialize in providing managed SIEM solutions and services to companies in Norman, OK.  Regardless of your industry, information in your enterprise is in constant peril. Ransomware, Extortionware, Business Email Compromises, Data Exfiltration, etc, are constantly testing your defenses. Despite these active dangers, your organization must remain vigilant and informed to defend against current threats.

The ability to rapidly detect and respond to incidents has become the litmus test for security. Point solutions for specific threats, while helpful, don’t give a complete picture of your security posture. Most organizations, facing greater scrutiny for internal compliance programs and regulatory requirements related to financial management, data security and customer privacy, are fighting an uphill battle to demonstrate proficiency in security management.

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Best-of-breed security monitoring of your network


Security Information and Event Monitoring


With our own US-based, SOC 2 Type II certified Security Operations Center (SOC), TrueSIEM provides 24/7/365 enterprise-grade Security Information and Event Management. TrueSIEM leverages the power of our own highly trained analysts and a stack of toolsets; proprietary, private, and public threat feeds; sandboxing; forensics tools, and more, to provide visibility and remediation capabilities that maximize the vital security information generated by your networked assets.

Just like MDR, the real advantage of TRUE Managed SIEM is in custom onboarding processes and our partnership with you. TRUE's Security Analysts have advanced knowledge of the threat landscape along with a deep familiarity with your environment. That means you will only hear from us when it’s important, you will always be talking to someone who knows your environment, and we will be prepared to walk you through your response and recovery. 


TrueSIEM Can Provide:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Incident/Event Investigation Capabilities
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Custom Playbooks Powered by SOAR Technology
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Security Event Data Correlation
    and Analysis (SIEM)

Managed and Comanaged Solutions

What you get with Managed SIEM


True Digital Security can take that struggle off your hands and help you achieve a holistic view of your enterprise, so you can correlate and monitor security event data while acting on events in real time.

With True Digital Security, you get a security information and event management (SIEM) service individually tailored to your environment. Whether it is a green field deployment, or integrating with your existing SIEM deployment, the service collects and correlates millions of security events and transforms that data into actionable alerts, management reports, and comprehensible dashboard displays. It also identifies internal and external threats and spotlights weaknesses in your company’s security posture.



TrueSIEM - What's Included:

Identify gaps in your security posture, define an improvement plan and establish an integrated approach to threat management with True Digital security advisors.

Work with True Digital security consultants to address your business needs for monitoring, incident handling, alerting and reporting. True Digital experts will tailor a SIEM solution to your security monitoring needs.

Focus your resources and lower your risk by prioritizing security actions with alerts and notifications delivered by True Digital security analysts who perform 24x7 monitoring, event validation and triage, and SIEM service maintenance.

Translate new business requirements into additional use cases for implementation into your deployed SIEM solution. Ongoing service tuning and optimization ensure continuous alignment and business requirements support.

Key Benefits:

Global coverage and 24x7 monitoring, alerting and notification with managed SIEM.

True Digital SIEM experts partner with you to understand your specific goals and define your requirements; we translate them into use cases and design a SIEM solution unique to your operational needs.

True Digital Security implements defined use cases and tunes, tests and transitions your SIEM to steady-state operations. Event notification and escalation models are defined by working with your staff.

A library of predefined standard correlation rules addresses immediate security monitoring needs. Additional custom correlation rules can be developed to meet your specific business needs.

In addition to providing network security, SIEM can help you satisfy industry-specific compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI-related mandates, or to satisfy regulatory bodies like the American Bar Association (ABA).

Get Real-Time Visibility Into TrueSIEM Services in the TrueSpeed Platform

  • Snapshot of real-time insight into your TRUE services, all in one place
  • Metrics & color coding allow you to know right away when there’s an issue
  • Click any metric for more details
  • Visibility into Network Security
  • TrueSIEM Dashboard Details
  • Map SIEM Services to Compliance Standards

Why True Digital Security?

With our own US-based, SOC 2 Type II certified SOC, we bring together SIEM experts who design, implement and operate this tailored service with market-leading technologies. True Digital SIEM teams have globally deployed solutions across industries large and small. With this experience, our security experts understand the broader security and IT technologies, enabling a fully integrated approach to securing your organization.

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