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SIEM-like visibility combined with MDR-caliber response


Extended Detection & Response Services for Your Endpoints – and More

You know you need endpoint protection, but what about all those pieces of the puzzle you can't see with an endpoint-specific solution? For instance, you need to know when someone changes the security setting on their endpoint. You also need to correlate what you're seeing on an endpoint with real time visibility into Active Directory and Microsoft 365 in order to catch stealthier attacks. These are among scenarios where you may have logs or alerts enabled, but monitoring is not always feasible, with everything else you have to do. Yet, without the bigger picture, you may be missing other malicious activity in your environment. 

What about Active Directory? DNS monitoring? Changes to operating system security configurations? Firewalls? Who has the capability to monitor all that 24/7/365?

We do, and our certified experts are cyber-armed and ready.  Our company specializes in providing Extended Incident Detection & Response (XDR) services in Tampa, FL.  Our expert XDR consultants can help reduce your risk profile across your entire technology stack.

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TrueXDR bundles the capabilities of our robust MDR solution together with all those pieces of the puzzle that tend to be overlooked in security strategies, because well, you're busy.


In ADDITION to TrueMDR, you'll get:

We pull all your Microsoft 365 data into our SOC platforms, triage each alert appropriately, and put it in front of an analyst ASAP to determine if further action is needed. We solve the problem of Microsoft alerts that tend to go unwatched and unnoticed.

Active Directory is one of the most popular, low-hanging fruit attack vectors for bad actors, but has no native mechanism to monitor suspicious activity, aside from logging. Our certified analysts will monitor your AD environment and provide expert response to any suspicious activity 24/7/365.

Firewalls often lose their effectiveness over time, and you need to know when changes are being made that can weaken your perimeter controls. We'll ingest your firewall logs for continuous monitoring & alert you to suspicious activity based on your settings.

Most people don't know when their users' data has been exposed and posted on the dark web to be shared from one hacker to another. We'll monitor for the presence of your company's information, including user accounts, and notify you if activity or information is detected and help you remediate the situation.

Neither Windows nor Linux Operating Systems have a way to alert you when changes are made to their configurations. TRUE will perform a NIST CSF-based assessment on Operating Systems, then monitor for compliance of those operating systems. You'll be alerted immediately if anything changes, and we'll bring them back into compliance at your discretion.

Don't let your clients become victims of a spoofed website or malicious redirect when they're trying to use your company website. We'll monitor your external DNS zone records for any changes, verifying with you that your organization has initiated and approved of these configuration changes. We'll also alert you to the existence of any websites that are registered as permutations of yours, so you can stop attacks before they start.


Configuration Monitoring
Windows & Linux

Windows & Linux

Remediation & Response
Endpoint Monitoring

Endpoint Monitoring

Behavioral Analysis
Deep Visibility & Telemetry

Deep Visibility & Telemetry

O365 & Active Directory
Monitoring & Remediation

Monitoring & Remediation

Firewall Monitoring
Eyes on Your Firewalls

Eyes on Your Firewalls

Dark Web Monitoring
Protect User Credentials

Protect User Credentials

DNS & Domain Monitoring
Stop Hijacks & Spoofs

Stop Hijacks & Spoofs


You'll get the same great power of our own highly trained analysts and advanced stack of toolsets, correlation, telemetry, proactive threat hunting, and more.


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