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CISA Issues Shields Up Warning to all U.S.-based Organizations as a Result of Ongoing Ukraine Conflict

True Digital Security is a wholly owned member of the Cerberus Sentinel family of companies.

It’s time to reevaluate the way we look at global conflicts such as the situation in Ukraine. CISA has issued a special warning, but I want to look at the reason behind the warning and what most people seem to be missing. While on the surface, Russia's invasion of Ukraine may appear to be a traditional border conflict comprised of ground troops, shelling, and other aggressive tactics, this would be a gross underestimation of both the international implications and the real theater. Many of us are accustomed to hearing about invasions and foreign border disputes, almost to the point of being desensitized to the news. 

However, a wholly separate and boundaryless war is being fought on the cyber front, which has no geographical limit, no international oversight, and no governing body. It started years ago, and most people are not even aware of the ongoing war. This changes the field of engagement from being a matter of one military power fighting another in a region, with innocent civilians being caught in the crosshairs, to a situation where all of us are the targets – us, here, now.  The U.S. and its NATO partners are being attacked every minute of every day.

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