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The Dangers of Limited Penetration Testing 

True Digital Security is a wholly owned member of the Cerberus Sentinel family of companies.

In your home, leaving the front door unlocked might be cause for concern depending on any number of factors. For most people, locking the front door represents an essential security measure for a specific kind of threat – protection from unwanted visitors. In actuality, a myriad of security concerns exist in your home in addition to locking the front door, as that represents only one type of threat, by a very specific kind of actor. 

What risks might you not even know how to look for or protect against? Even more than your home as a metaphor, your entire IT estate has entry points you may not have considered – even as an IT professional. Yet, many people conduct penetration testing only on specific parts of their environment, not the entire estate. At best, this will yield limited information. In many cases, it paints a much rosier picture of your security posture than is reality.  It’s like hiring a home inspector but telling him he can only look at the house’s exterior. You are likely missing significantly important things.

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