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Endpoint Protection: It’s Not Just About Tools

True Digital Security is a wholly owned member of the Cerberus Sentinel family of companies.

We’ve just lived through two of the most challenging years most of us can remember, working to keep businesses running through political upheaval, dramatic market shifts, near-biblical weather events and an on-again, off-again pandemic. Most sectors have been impacted, some heavily. Even if you’re fortunate enough to be in an industry left relatively unscarred, there’s every chance you’ve seen longer hours and more anxiety than back in the carefree days of 2019.

If you’re still here, in business, reading this blog and moving forward, give yourself a pat on the back: you’re the embodiment of the American go get ‘em, frontier spirit.

Hybrid Raises Security Issues

Now, let’s consider how things have changed. Most businesses shifted dramatically during the pandemic, with working from home a key theme. As restrictions have been relaxed and the rhythms of business have started to pick up again, few are returning to the employment models in-use before the first lockdowns. Some are still operating entirely remotely, while many have adopted a hybrid model, working some days in the office, and some remotely.

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