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Finally, a Security Feature That Makes Your Team More Efficient: Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection SSPR Contact Us

Microsoft Defender ATP Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), an Azure Active Directory (AD) feature, empowers your employees to reset their own passwords and account locks securely without having to burden your IT staff. SSPR reduces costs of IT support and eliminates frustrating delays that cause employee unproductive time by granting the employees the ability to reset their own passwords – all while maintaining your standards of security. These are just a few ways SSPR can benefit your organization.

Feel like you never have enough time in your day? Trust me, your IT Team feels that way, too. Throughout the workday you have enough distractions eating away at your productive time. The last thing you need is to get locked out of your account. It happens to everyone, and usually just before a big meeting. You fat finger your login while trying to access company documents vital to a presentation, and now you not only don’t have what you need, but you’re at risk of being late. Inevitably, this will mean you’re feverishly blowing up your IT helpdesk with messages, because you’ve tried one too many times and have now been locked out. This is unnecessary stress for both you and your IT Team. There is a very simple way you can all keep moving forward with the day, stress-free, by undertaking a straight-forward function like password reset, rather than sitting around waiting on the helpdesk to unlock accounts. Self-service Password Reset (SSPR) within Azure Active Directory alleviates the time wasted between your employees and the helpdesk. So, everyone can focus on getting their jobs done.

SSPR allows you to employ both the flexibility and security benefits available through cloud platforms. System Administrators can adhere to your organizational security policies and still be nimble enough to make the changes necessary to meet your company needs. Your IT Team can use password writeback to communicate to your AD environment with on-premise Active Directory servers– or only Azure AD. This makes the password resets almost seem immediate. Once SSPR has been rolled out you can configure your system with combinations of authentication methods to achieve MFA, such as using phone calls, text, Microsoft Authenticator, and security questions. Furthermore, you can use group-based licensing that will work with any security group in AD. This way your IT department can have the flexibility to start implementing with minimal service interruption to the organization.  

Auditing and usage logs for IT administrators can granularly paint a picture of your security and user environment with using prebuilt or customized reporting to keep track of abnormal activity with the password reset process, see how many employees are registering for password reset, let you know how many employees reset their password within a set amount of time, and so on.

For example, if you have an employee who is continuously getting locked out of the system, the admin can go through each process the user went through during the unlock account process to identify the issue. Using the detailed logs, it becomes possible for your IT staff to correct smaller issues before they become big issues. So, you can actually move to a place of being proactive, instead of putting out small fires all the time.           

Now that you have a quick glimpse of the benefits of using Self-Service Password Reset in your company, why not improve the productivity & time of your employees? IT administrators can use all the customizations available with self-service password reset to make the users’ experience better and keep up with the changing security needs of your organization.

Your company has enough challenges and hurdles to deal with just running your business day-to-day. Using Self-service Password Reset, you can make your organization more fluid to spend your time and attention competing in changing markets and meeting customer needs, letting your employees get on with their work, without compromising security.

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