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TRUE is like a Robo-Vacuum (We re going somewhere with this...) Cerberus Sentinel Blog

Why are people always so surprised by the speed at which weeds return after having been pulled, or how fast millions of ants show up to feast on an abandoned donut?  As I always like to say, “They don’t have anything better to do.” Realizing this about weeds and ants, though, I’ve never really given the concept any more thought... Until, that is, a Eufy Robo Vacuum Cleaner arrived at my house recently. Let me preface this by saying that I know several people who own robo-vacuum cleaners, and have always questioned the need for such an invention. Perhaps we are just throwing technology at something for the sake of throwing technology at something. Then Eufy got to work. Now, my view has taken a complete 180. 


Let me say first that prior to releasing the Eufy, we gave the house a reasonably thorough cleaning. The floors were all vacuumed, swept, and mopped, which took about 15 or 20 minutes with everyone working together.  Eufy was then charged and released. Watching the robot work, it was initially a novelty. We were all interested to see how the robot navigated obstacles, dealt with walls, and how the cat really didn’t like this new thing pushing its way around her house. After a while, though, the family got tired of watching our new toy and went back to more interesting tasks. An hour and a half later, I heard Eufy still doing its thing and went to check on it. Amazingly enough, the light was still full-on, as though it was not yet low on power.  That was good, since it seemed to be going over some of the areas where it had already been. None of us would ever vacuum for hours, right? We have better things to do. Finally, more than 2 hours and 15 minutes after its inaugural launch, Eufy seemed to be getting tired, maybe running low on juice and, though I’m still not 100% sure how it does this, it returned to its charging station to call it a day. Naturally, I had to go open ’er up and see how much crud it had collected from my already-clean house.


Holy cow!  This thing must have come pre-loaded with someone else’s dust, I thought. Wait a minute. This looks a little like my cat’s hair.  Hmmm.  Perhaps these robo-vacuums just do a tremendously good job because they don’t have anything better to do – like the weeds and the ants.  This thing went running around my house for several hours, like it does every day now, invariably collecting a significant amount of dust, cat hairs, and other undesirables.  How does that happen?  Because dust and cat hair don’t have anything better to do than to try and get all over your house.


Before too long, this thought process made its way through the channels of my brain and applied itself to cybersecurity.  Similar to my sweeping and mopping, everyone takes some basic steps to protect themselves against bad guys on the Internet. No one, however, has time to simply monitor and improve their security posture all day and night, every day. We all have better things to do – daughter’s volleyball game, a music festival in Oklahoma, write contracts, build widgets, etc. – fill in the blanks with your own items.  The bad guys, however, have nothing better to do than to try and break in to your stuff, 24 hours a day.  They are like the cat hair and dust, invading every crevice–despite your constant efforts – using a combination of technology and persistence, and motivated by a potentially big payoff at the end of the day. They really have nothing better to do. Fortunately, True Digital Security is like a souped-up, Energizer Bunny version of the robo-vacuum, and we fight fire with bigger fire. This is exactly why we operate a 24x7 Security Operations Center, where we monitor our clients’ environments and respond to threats…and maintain ongoing vulnerability scans, perform routine penetration tests, support clients continually to help them take next steps in developing a more mature security program, and so on. When it comes to our clients’ security, much like the robo-vacuum that relentlessly scans my floors for unwanted intruders, we literally have nothing better to do.


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