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Network & Endpoint Monitoring Services 24x7x365

TRUE Managed SOC services provide 24×7×365 proactive security monitoring, vulnerability management and incident response.

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Protecting A Connected World with SOC/SIEM/MDR

TRUE pairs the talents of our security operations team with those of our network operation center, resulting in the delivery of solutions, precisely tailored to our client's needs.

Best-of-breed security monitoring of your network


Security Information and Event Monitoring


Security events are bound to happen on your network, whether they are intentional attacks, accidental misuse by employees, ransomware-related, or a more difficult to detect attack, such as business email compromise (BEC). If no one is watching and intervening around the clock, events like these will go unchecked. Unless your organization is undertaking collection, aggregation, and correlation of comprehensive log data across your network through a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC), you have little recourse to investigate network attacks, much less stop them.

With our own US-based SOC, TrueSIEM provides 24/7/365 enterprise-grade Security Information and Event Management. TrueSIEM leverages the power of our own highly trained analysts and a stack of toolsets, including AlienVault's Unified Security Management SIEM; proprietary, private, and public threat feeds; sandboxing; forensics tools, and more, to provide visibility and remediation capabilities that maximize the vital security information generated by your networked assets.

Just like MDR, the real advantage of TRUE Managed SIEM is in custom onboarding processes and our partnership with you. TRUE's Security Analysts have advanced knowledge of the threat landscape along with a deep familiarity with your environment. That means you will only hear from us when it’s important, you will always be talking to someone who knows your environment, and we will be prepared to walk you through your response and recovery. 


TrueSIEM Provides:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Security Event Data Correlation
    and Analysis (SIEM)

All of this is backed by AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX) and the intelligence TRUE gains by monitoring numerous networks like yours, including core national infrastructure. 

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Whether you need to build a security incident response plan or have an immediate remediation, we are here to help.

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Best of breed security monitoring for your network


Managed Detection & Response

In addition to a powerful SIEM solution at the network level, it's also important to be proactive in stopping attacks at the endpoint level, before they ever reach your network. TrueMDR allows you to get ahead of attackers, with a combination of intelligent automation and human remediation that is delivered through our 24x7x365 Security Operations Center. 


Developed by leading cybersecurity professionals, our service leverages commercial-grade tools and proprietary technology to go beyond signature based technology, combining behavior-based triggers with unmatched expertise to help protect your network from an attack. What that means is that TrueMDR will catch new, more evolved strains of malware and ransomware.


Along with continuous monitoring, you will receive a monthly report outlining alerts, threats, and incidents, with a clear analysis and explanation of any problem areas and recommendations. Our experts don’t simply look at individual events to perform our analysis; we look at your environment holistically to provide the most meaningful, targeted information for your business.

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IT is never a set it and forget it world

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Everyday someone or something is attempting to make changes to your system, and even the best IT engineers will occasionally check or forget to check a box that could negatively impact your security posture.  The best way to mitigate these scenarios is to proactively and continuously monitor changes to the controls that you're put in place.  That’s Security Essentials by TRUE.

Our continuous controls monitoring solution, Security Essentials, establishes a baseline security posture for your organization, then reports on changes or anomalies in user or network behavior.  This methodology allows you to quickly address these issues as they arise.  Thus keeping your network safe and your organization in compliance. 


TRUE Security Essentials (CCM) features:

  • Prevents Configuration Drift
  • Monitors & Reports on User Behaviors
  • Protects Assets, Lowers Business Risk
  • Keeps Security & Compliance Top of Mind
  • Helps You in Making Business Decisions Regarding IT
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