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Perform Penetration Tests

Whether you have had a penetration test performed on your environment in the past, have been told by a security expert or auditor that you need one, or would simply like to explore what security testing might look like for your organization, you have come to the right place.

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Meet Compliance Requirements

If your organization must meet industry compliance, such as HIPAA, PCI, or NERC-CIP, you are accustomed to having a yearly penetration test and may also perform ongoing vulnerability scans. But security testing can support your goals beyond compliance, as well. Benefits of regular pen testing include the ability to focus on different areas for improvement and risk mitigation year over year, looking more tactically and on a deeper level into vulnerability exploits, the ability to document your progress, and a routine way to test changes in your environment that might have introduced new security gaps.

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meeting compliance with penetration testing

Uncover and Potential Security Risks

In many cases, vulnerabilities are best identified by evaluating the whole of your environment, rather than one small part–allowing a professional security expert to gain visibility into every system’s configuration, every group of users and the policies they follow, administrative access, efficacy of current security controls, and so on. Using a comprehensive approach, experts can help you identify security gaps and build a custom security roadmap to help you prioritize your next security projects to strategically mature your organization’s security posture over time.

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identifying vulnerabilities

Inform Annual Security Budgets With Objective Baselines

When you approach your board with yearly Security budget requests, you already know how vital those projects are. What is equally vital is ensuring that your board also understands their importance. For this objective, you will want to have clear baselines and professional input that justify each spend but are formulated in language tailored with boardroom-friendly language. The last thing you want is for your C-Levels to get lost in technical jargon. Yet, you also want your technologists to have a report that is rich with all the technical data they need to execute steps for remediation that will shore up each vulnerability. Working with a testing company who knows how to strike this balance can be the difference between a successful and justified budget, or returning to the drawing table to fund your security projects. TRUE’s boardroom-ready reports empower you to work with your C-Level teams through a proven methodology.

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