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How to Respond to a Cyber Security Breach

If you suspect or know your systems have been compromised, call right now for help. TRUE: 866.430.2595

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How do you know if you’ve had a Security Incident?

Any unusual activity could indicate a security compromise, from unusual use of an email account, to something as blatant as sudden encryption of vital files, or the unapproved transfer of funds. Whatever the signs, you want to investigate immediately. Having an expert on-hand to help gather and analyze evidence immediately is vital to understanding exactly what has transpired, how long it has been going on, and what steps to take next.

What should you do after a Security Incident?

When you have experienced a security incident in your organization, stopping the attack is top priority. True Digital Security’s Incident Response Team will work with you right away to remediate, recover, and pinpoint how to prevent future attacks.

What will happen first when you call? 

For a discovery conversation, you only need to be able to explain what you think has happened and provide a key Point of Contact. From there our experts will guide you through the entire Incident Response process, step-by-step.

What you can expect from us right away:

Understand the Type and Scope of the Incident

Gather all reliable logs and data sources available

Discuss any compliance or legal concerns

Determine your goals for the engagement (Forensic Services, Response, Recovery, Reporting, Litigation)

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Who will handle your incident?

Our team’s experience goes far beyond forensics and IT. When you entrust someone with access to your environment in the middle of a potential crisis, you want to know you are in good hands. You need the assurance that tending to your situation is the most important task your third-party response team has to do. At TRUE, we take that objective very seriously. Our Incident Response services are informed and supported by our unique combination of Security Testing, Compliance, SOC, and IT expertise and teams – a robust approach that supports a holistic response and recovery process.

How will you know what the IR Team is finding?

We communicate with our IR customers regularly to give detailed updates, providing direct access to the IR team as well as access to a secure communications portal, so you can log in any time to check for developments. We want to work hand-in-hand with your team to help you remediate and recover, and that means providing ongoing, transparent communication.

Network Security Monitoring

One way we gather data from your network for analysis of the scope, attack vector, and current state of your incident is through Network Security Monitoring (NSM). This enables us to understand in granular detail all activity and traffic over a period of time, investigating anomalies through techniques such as full packet capture, deep packet inspection and malware sandboxing.

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