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How malware and ransomware attacks could affect your HIPAA compliance standing [PODCAST]
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Since you are here, you must be checking out my interview on Hospital Finance Podcast, discussing HIPAA, regulatory landscape, and protecting your hospital. A modern healthcare facility can have any number of avenues for attack and the pandemic has only widened people’s attack surfaces. HIPAA violations and gaining attention of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is not an issue any healthcare organization wants, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Putting measures in place to protect yourself against a malware attack is not only recommended, but essential as part of your ongoing cybersecurity and overall HIPAA compliance strategy.

I enjoyed speaking with Michael Passanante and hoped you enjoyed listening. Michael is a great host who understand healthcare finance, healthcare trends, and enhancing the revenue your hospital has earned. He also identifies that regulatory compliance and cybersecurity preparedness is important to your hospital reputation and financial bottom line. 

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