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SIEM-like visibility combined with MDR-caliber response, AI, Automation, and more..

Attackers are counting on you to only catch what's obvious.

Most environments have scores of alert sources: SIEM/network logs, EDR, MDR, SaaS Platforms, firewalls, and more. It’s great to have tools, but toggling between them with manual processes attack takes time. And in a cyber-attack, time is money.

Who has the capability to correlate all that information at once, 24/7/365? We do, and our certified experts are cyber-armed and ready.

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Average number of days to identify and contain a data breach last year.

“Data breaches that took longer than 200 days to identify and contain cost on average $4.87 million, compared to $3.61 million for breaches that took less than 200 days.” (Ponemon, IBM 2021)


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Solve Portal Overload & Vendor Sprawl With a Single Solution

TrueXDR pulls alerts from sources across your environment into one place for rapid correlation and response. Leveraging, static AI, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technology, and a host of integrations, TrueXDR can replace multiple toolsets and alerting systems with a single, integrated solution that gives you rapid response.

Basically, TrueXDR makes alerting tools do what they are supposed to do, adding our certified analysts to respond and remediate right away anytime there is an issue in your environment. You can’t afford to wait hundreds of days to get the big picture of an attack. With TrueXDR, we understand what’s happening, and we’re on it, right away.

TrueXDR bundles the capabilities of our robust MDR solution together with all those pieces of the puzzle that tend to be overlooked in security strategies, because well, you're busy.


You'll get the same great power of our own highly trained analysts and advanced stack of toolsets, correlation, telemetry, proactive threat hunting, and more.

We pull all your Microsoft 365 data into our SOC platforms, triage each alert appropriately, and put it in front of an analyst ASAP to determine if further action is needed. We solve the problem of Microsoft alerts that tend to go unwatched and unnoticed.

Active Directory is one of the most popular, low-hanging fruit attack vectors for bad actors, with 95% of companies using AD for authentication. However, AD does not have any native mechanism for you to monitor changes to configurations, group memberships, and other suspicious activity that could indicate a major security event or incident, aside from logging. Most organizations who do have logging enabled for AD are not reviewing logs all day, every day, especially on nights or weekends. 24/7/365 monitoring for suspicious activity across your Active Directory accounts and the ability of a security analyst to take action to protect you. Know that not only is all AD activity logged, but someone is reviewing those logs 24/7/365 and remediating issues. Avoid the potentially devastating damage from an AD attack.

Firewalls often lose their effectiveness over time, due to either turning off certain alert types or creating too many exceptions to established rules. TRUE SOC will ingest your firewall logs & alert you to suspicious activity based on your defined firewall alert settings. Receive peace of mind, knowing that your investment in firewalls pays off, as they maintain their effectiveness over time through consistent configurations.

Both MDR and SIEM provide visibiility into certain areas, but by choosing one over the other, you're not necessarily improving your overall security posture against potential attack vectors, because your visibility is still limited. This is like having liability insurance vs. comprehensive insurance on your car. What is at risk for your organization? Combining endpoint, network, and cloud architecture monitoring and response capabilities allows for better correlation of events in your environment. You're not just seeing what's happening on an endpoint, but how it's interacting with other events in your network. A comprehensive visibility and response solution gives you much more assurance of your security posture, knowing that even layered attacks will not go unnoticed.

Most attacks can begin at the endpoint, but today's layered attacks mean bad actors may be present throughout your network. Without 24/7/365 monitoring for malicious activity across your whole environment, you risk misunderstanding the scope of an attack and may even leave an attacker somewhere in your systems. Pull ALL alert types into our SOC ro speed up the time it takes to understand activity with specialized tools, triage each alert appropriately, put it in front of an analyst ASAP to evaluate whether further action is needed. Reduce dwell time, increase speed to respond, increase rates of response, lean on security experts to triage incidents for you.

Lack of visibility across all alert types often slows Time to Remediate (TTR), with alerts being treated individually. This limits the ability to see the complete attack strategy being leveled against your network. Log retention & rapid analysis allows our teams to correlate events across your network to see the big picture of layered attacks. Our SOC analysts can gain faster understanding of what's really happening in an attack, allowing them to respond more strategically. 

Threat intel changes quickly, and new attack types appear daily. Recent logs must be actively reviewed for new attack types. Ongoing review of the last 90 days of network activity, processes, scheduled tasks, and file manipulation allow us to hunt for the latest malicious behavior types. In addition to response capabilities, TRUE proactively hunts for threats in your environment.

Investigating & triaging each event individually slows down Time to Remediate (TTR) response rates. TRUE's custom playbooks allow us to automate common remediation tasks and speed up the entire process. Using automation and machine learning, TRUE can respond to attacks in minutes, blocking attacks faster and keeping your network secure.

Detecting malicious activity right away is one part of protecting endpoints, but immediate triage and remediation is key to protecting operational uptime and restoring order right away. The following actions are taken on endpoints when a potentially malicious file or behavior is detected:

  • Kill Program
  • Quarantine
  • Sandbox
  • Remediate
  • Rollback to known good state

Not only does remediation take place right away, but Rollback capability means that the attack is essentially reversed, protecting uptime and productivity on all protected endpoints–almost as if it never happened.

Your organization's information, including team members' reused passwords or other non-public data, can be shared from one hacker to another. Most people don't know when their information has been exposed and, thus, when to take immediate steps to remediate and protect certain accounts. Ongoing monitoring of the Dark Web to look for the presence of your company's information, including your employees' accounts. We will notify you if activity or information is detected and help you remediate the situation.

Prevent spoofed website phishing activity before it begins. Most phishing attacks begin with a spoof of your website, where clients or employees may be enticed to navigate and log into a malicious site with their legitimate company credentials. Alert you to the existence of any websites with the potential to spoof your organization's site. TRUE performs ongoing searches for any domain purchases or registrations with names or titles that could be used to spoof your organization's website and alert you right away in the event of suspicious activity. 

DNS configuration changes can be a precursor to a serious cybersecurity event or incident, and most organizations don't have any way of knowing when those changes have been made. TRUE will monitor your external DNS zone and record for any changes, verifying with you that your organization has initiated and approved of these configuration changes. Ensure attackers are not making changes to your DNS zone and record with ongoing monitoring and alerting.

Vendor sprawl creates more work for your security teams. Disparate vendors do not represent their data in the same way, and there is no correlation between them. When you have 2 or 3 security platforms protecting your environment, you have to toggle between them and make sense of disparate data sets. Having a correlation platform allows you to see all your security events in one common place and common format. One provider also enables simpler  management processes for your teams. Understand and make security decisions rapidly, avoiding data incongruence and and portal overload. You also reduce vendor management overhead.

M/O365, GSuite, AWS, & Azure (and more) alerts tend to go unseen and unaddressed. For an average company not using XDR, a cloud infrastructure alert, such as suspicious login, brute force activity,etc., generates an alert and sends it to the account administrator. More often than not, no one is looking at those 24/7, if at all. Pull all alerts into our SOC platforms, triage each alert appropriately, put it in front of an analyst ASAP to evaluate whether further action is needed. When you come back to the office on Monday, you know no one has been inside your accounts wreaking havoc over the weekend.

Many cyber attacks leverage approved account credentials for an attack, so you won't see a suspicious login. You need to know when any user's typical data usage and behavior changes. TRUE's network monitoring includes notifications of behavioral anomalies, triggering an immediate investigation. Stop stealthier attacks from slipping through undetected. Benefit from enhanced security analyst responses.

New machines connecting to your network introduce risk. Using automated asset discovery, we know right away when a new endpoint is accessing your network. Whether your team is using new devices or attackers are on your network, we'll discover new assets and keep your network safe from accidental, or malicious, attack.

Attackers work hard to mask malicious activity on your network. TRUE's enterprise toolset allows us to detect policy violations, malicious activity, and even subtler indicators of compromise (IOCs). Best in class technologies and expert analysts mean we'll stay ahead of attackers to keep your network secure.

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