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Managed Detection & Response Services 24x7x365

TrueMDR stops attacks in your endpoints, before they can ever reach the network to wreak havoc.

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TrueMDR combines behavior-based detection with trained security analysts and advanced threat feeds for effective response.

Most attacks enter through an endpoint. They begin small, navigating around security layers and spreading through your network from there. This could be as simple as a malicious file that unleashes ransomware when clicked, or as complex as Business Email Compromise. That's why so many organizations have added a layer of detection and response for their endpoints, to catch attacks at the point of entry.

Enter TrueMDR.

TrueMDR is similar to and often augments Managed SIEM, pushing defense out to the endpoints. So, where SIEM allows us to see everything happening in your network at all times–leveraging the power of our combined enterprise security stacks and analyst-driven expertise in the TRUE Security Operations Center (SOC) to identify, understand, and stop attacks, TrueMDR does all of that for your endpoints.

True came highly recommended to us, and we appreciate the peace of mind we have knowing TRUE is monitoring our endpoints 24x7. Quek Song, Vice President of IT

TrueMDR leverages the combined power of automated technology, top-tier security analysts, threat feeds, and our own analytical tool stack to validate what we are seeing and respond accordingly. This solution allows us to understand attacks on a deeper level.

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A typical TrueMDR incident remediation process uses the following steps.

  1. Kill Program: Stop program running potentially malicious file.
  2. Quarantine: Encrypt affected file and move to a different location where it can’t be executed.
  3. Sandbox: Analyst downloads file and drops it into a test environment to see what happens when executed.
  4. Remediate: If malicious, delete quarantined file. Any files that it has touched will also be removed.
  5. Rollback: Roll machine back to its pre-infected state through shadow copies.

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Our experts have engineered, managed, analyzed, assessed, pen tested, and remediated countless systems–both cloud and on-premise.
The one thing we have learned across all of these experiences is that
you really can’t afford to not monitor your environment. Period.


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