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Cloud Management Professional Services

TRUE provides Enterprise-class engineering for networks of every look and feel.

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Information Technology Leveraging 30+ years of Experience

For more than 30 years, TRUE’s IT Professional Service Team has been delivering secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive.

Information Technology Services

For more than 30 years, TRUE’s IT Professional Services team has been delivering secure and dependable computing environments to our clients, so their organizations could thrive.  It's what we do. 

How we do it makes a big difference. Our CTM (Consult, Transform, Manage) Framework was designed to eliminate the surprises that delay—and sometimes derail—an IT project, giving you the confidence that when you bring TRUE IT in to manage an important IT or security project, you are essentially purchasing an outcome that you can depend on.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption can be a daunting task. From cloud economics to security & compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape to navigating how near-term decisions have downstream consequences, to finding the right technical resources to support your platforms.

True Digital Security is your partner in navigating these complexities. We leverage our experience as a leader in enterprise IT Services, Security, Compliance & Cloud Services to design a comprehensive cloud adoption strategy for your unique needs. Our Cloud Migration team can take any plan from whiteboard to reality. Once in the cloud, our customizable Cloud Managed Services programs will ensure you have the expertise you need, when you need it. 

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Someone still has to secure and manage it...

Whether operating in Microsoft's Cloud or AWS, each customer is responsible for securing their own environments, including virtual servers, databases, applications and more. TRUE relieves you of this burden by bringing in policies, procedures or technology, as needed, to address your security and compliance requirements.

This includes our 24/7/365 managed detection, response and support services, delivered by our security operations center and supported by our network operations center, as appropriate. Wrapped with our governance, risk management and compliance services - world-class security is yours.

When it comes to Cloud Management, although we are always happy to work with your internal team, Managing or co-managing complex cloud environments is best outsourced, so your team can focus on your more strategic initiatives. This is where our professional managed services team can cover as much or as little of your environment as you'd like. 

 TRUE was helpful and knowledgeable. They also outlined a next-action plan if the problem resurfaces. Peter Robinson, Jackie Cooper Imports of Tulsa


For technology professionals who appreciate having choices, the virtualization marketplace is second to none.

VMware . . . Hyper-V . . . Citrix . . . (And let’s not forget about Oracle and Red Hat.)

Even more important than vendor selection are the discussions about what to virtualize, and how to integrate the technology into your business flow.

Desktop Virtualization. . . Server Virtualization. . . Application Virtualization. . .

Many IT providers specialize in the solution set of a single virtualization vendor. With limited engineering resources, that’s the best they can do.

At TRUE, our deep bench of certified engineers empowers us to choose the best solution for each client from among the offerings of every major virtualization manufacturer.

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Sometimes we simultaneously develop VMware and Hyper-V solutions, and then walk our clients through the pros and cons of each. With literally hundreds of successful deployments under our belts, we are uniquely qualified to determine when (and why) one solution works better in one network environment, while the other solution works better in another.

Our virtualization gurus are senior network engineers with more than ten years of P-to-V experience. Some of them were there when Citrix began shipping its first generation of MetaFrame. They were seasoned pros when VMware rolled out its initial x86 server virtualization products. And they were widely acknowledged among their peers as virtualization Alpha dogs by the time Hyper-V made the scene in 2008.

That’s important because you don’t want the engineers managing your virtualization project to stumble over something because they’re seeing it for the first time.

Whether you are investigating the cost (and long-term savings) involved in virtualizing your data center, or exploring how a VDI rollout will be a game changer for your employees, you deserve to work with an engineering team that will give you the lay of the land.


We realize it might not seem very sexy, but data storage is one of the most dynamic sectors in the entire technology industry.
Storage prices plummeted in recent years because of innovation around flash capabilities and software-defined solutions. Predictably, the quantity of accessible data exploded across U.S. businesses of virtually every size. And once strategic thinkers and marketing types got their hands on all that data, they only wanted more.

As a result, cloud storage services blossomed. Hybrid flash and hard-disk solutions came to the fore as companies began classifying and segregating their data. And all-flash options grew more affordable for even medium-sized businesses.

In such a diverse and rapidly evolving landscape, most IT providers chose their niche and started fighting for market share.

To a man with only a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


At TRUE, we recognized that specializing in only one storage solution dramatically limited the value we could bring to our customers. If all we could deliver were simple iSCSI-based SAN solutions, we’d be useless to a client who needed sophisticated virtualized storage management applications, with automated tiered storage, thin provisioning, and replication.

So we make sure our engineering specialists remain proficient in the full range of storage options available. (We’re so intent, in fact, that one of our senior storage engineers flew from South Florida to Minnesota—in February—to recertify on one of the leading SAN technologies in the market.)


When you sit down with a TRUE storage guru, you’ll talk about business first, and technology later. Much later. How do you use your data? What do you want to be able to accomplish with you data? What kind of technology footprint do you anticipate filling in the next two to three years?

From there we’ll deploy a set of tools—at no charge to you—that evaluate your network’s workload performance, and help guide us toward the most cost-effective storage solution for your environment.

What emerges is a fully customized solution that tailors your storage solution to your true data utilization needs.

It’s not only about performance. It’s about security, too.

In the past, companies usually upgraded their networks only when one of the following things happened:

For example, Microsoft’s 2014 end-of-support announcement for Windows XP, and its 2015 abandonment of Server 03, both triggered a rush of network upgrades. And they aren’t the only manufacturer pushing new technologies, and retiring the old. New breakthroughs at the network’s edge, in virtualization, and in storage, all stake claims to pieces of your capital budget.

Because of better cooperation between systems manufacturers and the development community, core business apps are written (and are themselves upgraded) to function on the newest generation of network platforms. Organizations that fail to follow along often find themselves dependent on software that no longer works within their rapidly aging environments.

To cite one high-profile example, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management requested millions in network upgrades in its 2016 budget request. Not because of end-of-life infrastructure, and not because their employees couldn’t function. They foresaw a security threat that made the records of some 4 million current and former government employees vulnerable to state-sponsored cyber criminals. The funding request was denied four months before their network was breached and their records stolen.

For more than 30 years, TRUE IT has provided Enterprise-class engineering for network upgrades of every size.

We are unique in that we do not employ “sales engineers” whose sole mission is to impress would-be customers. When we involve an engineer during the due diligence before a network upgrade is sold, that is the same engineer who will manage your project.

It’s about eliminating surprises, and unleashing the power of our exclusive CTM framework.

A senior network engineer will take the time needed to understand your business drivers, and exactly what you want your upgrade to accomplish, before we develop the scope of work.

That same engineer will manage your project, delivering the results you pay for, on time and within budget.

We will transfer the knowledge of how to manage your new environment, and be on hand for your go-live date, and beyond.

Take the drama out of upgrading your network. Opt for predictable results, and zero surprises.