TRUE Digital Speakers Bureau

Protecting and Empowering a Connected World. One Audience at a Time.

Bring Cybersecurity & Information Technology Thought Leadership to Your Next Event

TRUE Digital can bring fresh and relevant research and industry data to your next event, presented in an informative, lively and dynamic fashion. Instead of the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that usually surrounds cybersecurity, compliance and information technology topics, our speakers consist of thought leaders who will seek to inspire your audience and leave them empowered to face the challenges ahead.

Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D., Chief Information Security Officer

Dr. Jerald Dawkins is the CISO of TRUE and the Co-Founder of TokenEx, a leading tokenization cloud security platform provider for data security. Dawkins is the author of numerous publications and presents at national and international conferences. Dawkins has advised organizations across diverse industries, giving him a solid understanding of the evolving risks organizations face. Dawkins empowers organizations to be proactive with security, mitigate risks, and achieve best practices and compliance.


Michael Gavaghen, Vice President of Information Security and Compliance

Michael Gavaghen spent 25 years in Information Technology, and has earned a reputation as one of the industry’s most successful sales consultants. An engaging public speaker, Mike specializes in translating Geek into Business English, delivering fun, interactive presentations that explain how the bad guys do what they do, and how to defeat them. And he’s made himself an evangelist on how companies can teach their employees to protect them against cyber criminals.


Rory V. Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer

Rory Sanchez has been a frequent speaker and panelist at IT industry events for the last 15+ years.  As a pioneer in the managed IT industry, Sanchez was awarded an industry contribution award by CompTIA, the Computing Technologies Industry Association. He was an original member of the ConnectWise Partner Advisory Board and a founding member of MSP Alliance.


Geoff Wilson, Director of Security and Inbound Sales

Geoff Wilson is a seasoned information security consultant who helps companies become audit ready and hack resistant. He has authored numerous information security publications and has presented at national and international conferences. Wilson served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Oklahoma for four years where he taught a graduate-level Information Security course. He is known for delivering high-value content and being able to simplify complex topics like risk management, incident response, and security program development into clear plans of action that move the needle for cybersecurity.