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Jenna Waters Awarded Scholarship Cerberus Sentinel Blog

True's very own Jenna Waters was recently awarded the Building Cybersecurity Diversity Scholarship, which also includes an all-expense paid trip to the Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center Summit (FS-ISAC) this fall. She was one of 4 recipients nationwide to receive this scholarship and was unanimously selected by the scholarship committee. Below she discusses the process of applying for the scholarship and how she hopes to use everything she learns at the summit in her future career in cybersecurity.

How did you hear about this scholarship?

Dominic Schulte told me about the scholarship. He had a contact asking if he knew any young female students who were interested in a career in cyber risk and security.  

What is the scholarship for?

The scholarship is for encouraging diversity and attracting young women into the field of cybersecurity. It also includes attending the Financial Services Information Security Summit.

What were some of the steps you had to take to get to receive this scholarship?

The application process required a questionnaire, two short essays, an academic recommendation and a professional recommendation. I also had to meet certain GPA requirements as well.

How do you think this scholarship and summit will help you in the future endeavors?

I believe it will help me have a different perspective about the influence of cybersecurity in the financial industry. I believe a broader perspective will help me become a more well-rounded security specialist and understand the complex, real-world issues faced by our world today.

Why do you think women are not as interested in cyber security as men?

I think the answer is two-fold.  First, we weren’t pushed into those types of fields when I was growing up. Until recently, we didn’t have many strong female role models in cybersecurity or technology.  So, many of us choose different fields.

Secondly, girls may often feel intimidated by the field since it can be male-dominated.  It can sometimes feel awkward to be the only girl. But, I think that’s changing very quickly, and scholarships like this one prove that an effort is being made to get more young women interested in cybersecurity as a profession.

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