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How to Move Network to Cloud

We believe that security and compliance are non-optional for any organization.

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Move to the Cloud with Security Compliance Assuredness  

Moving to the cloud can be one of the most beneficial decisions your organization makes. Cloud networking introduces the power of unparalleled scalability and cost-effective computing capability, while solving the burdens placed on your teams for time-consuming hardware updates, ongoing maintenance of machinery, and cost-prohibitive growth. However, a cloud migration should be architected carefully by security experts who will be able to understand how to mitigate organizational risk and the need for high-functionality.

Security and Compliance in the Cloud

We believe that security and compliance are non-optional for any organization. In fact, TRUE operates on the premise that if you implement security controls, including embedding them within your cloud network, properly, you will become compliant by default. That’s why we approach cloud migration from an integrated perspective, engineering networks that are secure by design and by default, but still, bring you all the advantages and capabilities available through cloud computing.

Shared Responsibility Model

Most cloud vendors operate in what is called a Shared Responsibility model, articulating in their documentation exactly what controls they are responsible for, and which you are responsible for–regardless of whether you go through an MSP to manage your network or not. Since the matrix of who secures which parts of the cloud varies, depending on your chosen provider, data destinations, data types, your set of compliance requirements, parts of the network that may remain on-site, and so on. For example, do you have a multi-cloud backup model? How is data secured at rest and in-transit for each instance? Multi-cloud environments can become complicated, though they offer a tremendous value for Disaster Recovery solutions, so balancing all considerations with the input of an expert can prove invaluable­–not to mention saving you valuable budget dollars in the long run.

You Can't Outsource Risk

At the end of the day, you can outsource parts of your environment, but you can never outsource your risk–you will always responsible for securing your own IT environment. With that said, security does not have to be difficult or complex. It can be part of the design of your network. Working with someone who understands how to navigate shared responsibility, is a certified security expert, and draws from vast IT architecture experience can give you confidence in the design and security of your cloud network.

Application-Level Security as Part of Your Cloud Strategy

As part of your migration strategy, you will want to take advantage of all in-app cloud security available to you, such as Office 365 or security settings and upgrades. These can be invaluable in keeping you compliant during and after a cloud migration, as well as preventing future attacks.

For more information on securing your O365 accounts, see our Avoiding Business Email Compromise in Office 365 Webinar and downloadable infographic designed to help you plan next steps for locking down your accounts and using them securely.

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