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Making it Work in Your Time of Need Cerberus Sentinel Blog

Last week, we took an unprecedented step. In a letter sent from our CEO, Rory Sanchez, TRUE announced the launch of a free advice line for the businesses across the country who are taking the hardest hits during remote deployments and quarantine. Not only are these organizations hurting financially, but many are having a hard time making their IT systems both operational and secure. Without secure business continuity, organizations many of us rely on in our own communities won’t be able to keep their doors open–and none of us knows how long this season will last, or whether we will bounce in and out of remote deployments for the coming year. Either way, it’s shedding light on serious areas of need.


Maybe that describes you, and maybe it doesn’t, but we’re betting it describes someone you know. For instance, if you are in a large corporate environment, you probably already had disaster recovery and BYOD (bring your own device) plans in-place that would enable you to send your staffers home to work, so you may have seen little to no disruption to your normal business (aside from everyone’s working in pajamas, of course). However, your friends who run not-for-profits (NFPs), schools, and SMBs have probably not been so lucky. While most of them have found ways to function temporarily, many of these organizations have had to piecemeal free trials and ad hoc solutions together, trying to make everything work while relying on understaffed IT teams and whatever technology they already had in place. So, even after having solved some immediate problems, many still have underlying security and functionality gaps, recognizing that what they are using may not be sustainable over the long-haul.

We want to help. As Sanchez announced, the TRUE team has come together, with staff members volunteering their time specifically to provide advice to these organizations. So, whether this describes you, or someone you know, we would like for those in need of technical advice to take advantage of our new Help Line. So please either access our new advice line yourself, and get the help you need, or share the below letter with someone you know who could benefit.

We appreciate all of you, the organizations that are the backbone of this country, and we are excited to join with you in helping our neighbors stay afloat.

From TRUE CEO, Rory Sanchez:

"With so many people struggling during hard times, TRUE wanted to find the best way to help. Obviously, we don’t build ventilators, but we knew that we could help in other ways.  

In speaking with several businesses and organizations–and after watching our own family members suddenly thrown into work-from-home (WFH) environments, we quickly realized that many small businesses, not-for-profits, schools, and similar organizations are struggling with WFH security concerns, but have little or no access to IT/Internet security experts to help them navigate the increased risks and new considerations around remote work solutions.  

Those struggles are certainly right up our alley. For the coming weeks, True Digital Security is offering free consultations with our advisors to help navigate these uncharted waters.

Our promise– no sales pitch.  This is just our way of giving back to our country and to the business community that has given us so much over the years.

If you or someone you know would like to schedule time with one of our security advisors, please visit this page

Even if you don’t need a consultation, please feel free to forward this letter to someone who may benefit from it. 

We’re all in this together–  stay safe."

Rory Sanchez

CEO True Digital Security 

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